Sofia Embraces Change and Rethinks Communication

Sofia was a designer living in Spain helping her family with marketing communications for their campground. Now she is traveling in the US learning a new way to communicate, with animals. Her dog Samakhol, whose name means “My Heart” in Senegalese, travels with her.


Music by dArKAngLe.

What was your job before your last big change in life?

After I divorced my husband in 2002 and sold my shares of our travel agency to him, I went back to work on my family’s campground, “Camping Aquarius,” on the beautiful Costa Brava, where I grew up. Though I also drove our customers around for sightseeing in a van, my main job was the graphic design of all public documents, brochures, advertisements and contents of the website. It was a very creative way to support my family, which was the most important aspect of that job to me.

What is the biggest change you’ve experienced in your transition from being a designer to traveling through Taos?

Well, my “retiring” from the family business included an agreement to keep getting a steady income, which allows me to pursue my true inner call and interests without the need to have a job. For the past 25 years personal and spiritual growth have been paramount in my life. Now I can follow my Soul’s purpose doing what serves it best – without any “distractions,” so to speak. That’s a huge change. And I have the privilege of doing it at the age of 54!


Have you always felt a connection to animals? How did you decide to pursue communicating with animals?

Oh yes, absolutely! Since I was a little kid I knew I was going to be a veterinarian – but then life had other plans. If I would have taken the academic path though, I probably would have been less open to “alternative” ways of dealing with animals, which is why I am very grateful to all the different experiences that led me to where and who I am now. Being on a spiritual path opened to me a complete new perspective on everything; knowing and feeling the inner connection with ALL living beings, a deeper approach to animals was the only way to go now.

Sofia & Samakhol

How has your connection to animals transformed you personally?

With that connection to other sentient beings, much deeper than we even dare to imagine, keeping an open mind and especially an open heart, our animals bring to us the very core of transformative energy: unconditional love! This is common knowledge, I know. But then, during a regression, I saw that my belated little dog, Tino, had been with me since at least the 1700s — his soul that is — and my understanding of that topic changed completely. This soul’s purpose is to bring me JOY and it reincarnates time after time, coming to me in the most wondrous ways, with the “sole” purpose of bringing joy into my life. Then one day, I looked into the eyes of the dog I have now, Samakhol, and I unexpectedly recognized the same soul; it connected me with the second transforming and miracle-producing force: gratitude.


What is one of the most important things you’ve learned in all of the transformative experiences you’ve had in life?

Communication from the heart, that’s the clue! The three things that most transformed my life are the workshop “Awakening the Illuminated Heart” by Drunvalo Melchizedek, the book series “Conversations with God” by Neale Donald Walsch and “NVC – Nonviolent Communication” by Marshall Rosenberg. These, and many other things that helped me on the way, all have one thing in common: learning how to stay in your heart, knowing that we are all one.

What is next for you and Samakhol?

Before I seriously start learning Animal Communication, I felt I have some inner work to do on myself, to “clear the channel,” so to speak. To access the Divine Wisdom in me, which is the meaning of my name btw, Sofia, that allows me to actually live in oneness and communicate from there, I need to be aligned, centered and attuned to Who I Really Am. To clear old patterns I needed to get out of the familiar environment and travel to places where I can connect with Gaia, Mother Earth, in an easy way, which is why I came to the Southwest. I was Navajo in my last life, which connects me to this land. In Taos, the energy is very special. I’m taking a drawing course at the UNM, and remembering creativity. I’m also doing some Energy Healing, Cellular Inlightenment with Imran Hossain. And I’ll keep going with the flow of my heart with whatever and wherever leads in the direction I’ve chosen.


What really matters to you in work and/or in life?

Being of service to humanity’s consciousness awakening. This might sound a bit presumptuous, but I say it with all humbleness: I wish to let my Light shine so brightly that others can see their way out of the dark. By being a bridge between humans and the animal kingdom, for instance, or by simply being able to BE there for others with compassion, I hope to make a contribution to the new Life in Oneness, on and with this magnificent planet we call home!

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